Building the school culture. One House at a time.House System

Questions and Answers with Mr. Martel
 Mr. Martel
Q: What are “Houses?”
A: Houses are small communities of middle school students, high school students, and faculty. 
Q: Why are they called Houses?
A: House is an intentional word. The word house represents a close, safe place where different ages exist, work together, and bond. 
Q: What is the purpose of the House? 
A: The purpose of the house is to have multi-age communities built around ideals (Courage, Leadership, Integrity, Inquiry, Wisdom, or Creativity). The faculty mentor the older students and the older students mentor younger students.
Q: What are House competitions?
A: House competitions happen throughout the year on large and small scales. These competitions encourage competition not over something arbitrary, but over virtues. Who can discover the greatest truths who can do the greatest good, who can discover/create/admire greater beauty?
Q: How are students sorted into Houses?
A: Students are sorted one time and remain with their house until graduation. Returning students were sorted last year by the House faculty and new students were sorted before school began. I had the privilege and pleasure of hand-delivering the House letters to new students on Monday during homeroom.

“House Day”

Led by their fearless faculty and student mentors, all of Cicero  come together to prove their strength, creativity, camaraderie, and boldness as they create heraldry, pageantry, and compete in chivalry. 


House Shirts are now available online. Students can wear these on days their House is competing.

House Shirts

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