Cicero Prep Administration

Alex Julian


Christa Reichert

Assistant Headmaster

Matthew Yost

Dean of Academics

Kevin Gonzalez

College Counselor

Gabriela Perez

Dean of Students

Alec MacIsaac

Dean of Students

Billy Hunt

Athletic Director

Sandy Master

Office Manager

Dianne Kopernik-Coppo


Kari Heetland

Academy Giving Manager

Kirsten Willard

504 Coordinator

Cicero Prep Faculty & Staff

Ms. Brown

10th Grade Humane Letters, Master Teacher

Ms. Conner

11th and 12th Math, Master Teacher

Mr. Doolittle

7th Grade History, Master Teacher

Ms. Hable

6th and 8th Grade Math

Mr. Hays

6th/7th Latin, 11th/12th Greek, Master Teacher

Mr. Kramer

7th and 8th Grade Lit/Comp, Master Teacher

Mr. Martel

8th and 10th Science, Master Teacher

Mr. Meadows

11th & 12th Grade Humane Letters, 12th Grade Logic

Dr. Meyers

7th Grade Science

Mr. Milford

6th Grade Science and 12th Grade Coding

Ms. Perez

Spanish I and II

Ms. Nesvig

9th and 10th Music

Ms. Stevens

7th Grade Math

Ms. Szymanski

6th and 8th Grade Art

Mr. Yost

8th Grade Music & 10th Grade Econ, Master Teacher

Mr. Fowler

Latin I, II, and III

Mr. MacIsaac

11th Grade Humane Letters

Ms. Flores

Spanish II, III, and IV

Kari Heetland

Academy Giving Manager

Jana Erickson

Front Office Assistant

Mr. Gray

9th Grade Humane Letters and 12th Grade Rhetoric

Ms. Herrmann

6th Grade History

Dr. de Claremont

French I, II, and III and 7th Grade Latin

Mr. Lewis

8th, 10th, and 11th Grade Math

Ms. McClanahan

ESS Lead and Coorindator

Amy Gadoury


Mr. Conte

Mr. Conte

11th & 12th Grade Physics

Kevin Gonzalez

College Counselor

Sandy Master

Office Manager

Mr. Flynn

6th and 7th Grade Lit/Comp

Mr. Gaudin

7th and 8th Grade Lit/Comp

Mr. Klopack

6th Grade Math, 8th Grade History

Mr. Pyle

6th and 7th Grade Music

Mr. Smith

7th, 11th, and 12th Grade Studio Art

Mr. Zelkin

11th and 12th Grade Humane Letters

Ms. Abood

9th Grade Geometry, 6th Grade Latin

Ms. Daun

Latin III, IV, and V

Ms. Gilicinski

8th and 9th Grade Science

Ms. Lindsay

9th Poetry, 11th and 12th Drama

Ms. Maristela

8th Grade History, 9th Grade Humane Letters