Cicero Prep Administration

Christa Reichert


Jonathan Gray

Assistant Headmaster

Megan Lindsay

Dean of Academics

Gabriela Perez

Dean of Students

Ryan Klopack

Dean of Students

Clara Kushner

Director of Operations

Jacob Kelty

Athletic Director

Susan Wood

Assistant Athletic Director

Dianne Kopernik

Family Giving & Community Engagement

Faith Jones

Office Manager

Lisa Buchanan

Registrar & Assistant Office Manager

Juana Ambrose


Kurt Guenther

Assistant Dean of Students

Marisa Edmonston

College Counselor

Lauren Norman

ESS Lead

Jonathan Hodge

504 Coordinator

Sarah Thomas

School Nurse

Tyra Brown

Health Assistant

Cicero Prep Faculty & Staff

Mr. Bernal

6th and 7th Grade Music

Mr. Bonse

Latin I

Ms. Chavez

9th and 10th Grade Spanish

Ms. Clissold

9th Grade Poetry, 9th Grade HL, 7th Grade Lit/Comp

Ms. Coble

10th and 11th Humane Letters

Ms. Colliat

6th Lit/Comp, 6th Grade History

Mr. Conner

9th Grade Science and 6th Grade Math

Ms. Daun

Latin III, IV, and V

Dr. de Claremont

French I, II, III, IV, and 7th Grade Latin

Mr. Doolittle

7th Grade History and Lit/Comp, Master Teacher

Ms. Evans

ESS Teacher

Mr. Golich

7th Grade Science

Mr. Gray

12th Grade Rhetoric

Mr. Guenther

9th Grade Humane Letters

Mr. Pillado

7th and 8th Grade Art

Mr. Hays

7th Latin, 11th and 12th Greek, Master Teacher

Mr. Hodge

7th Grade History and 6th Grade Latin

Mr. Jandhyala

11th and 12th Grade Humane Letters, 10th Economics

Mr. Johnson

8th Grade History and 11th Grade Humane Letters

Ms. Kish

8th Grade History

Mr. Klopack

9th Grade Humane Letters

Mr. Kramer

9th Poetry, 8th Lit/Comp, Master Teacher

Ms. Labadie

7th Grade Lit/Comp

Mr. Lewis

8th and 10th Grade Math

Mr. Liles

8th, 9th & 10th Music

Mrs. Lindsay

11th and 12th Grade Drama

Mr. Lindsay

Fine Arts Assistant

Mr. Lucas

6th, 11th, and 12th Grade Math

Mr. Martel

Chemistry and Logic & Coding, Master Teacher

Ms. McClanahan

10th Grade Humane Letters

Ms. McClelland

12th Grade Humane Letters, Master Teacher

Ms. McMahan

Alumni Coordinator

Ms. McSorley

7th and 9th Grade Math

Ms. Meador

8th Grade Science

Mr. Munoz

Spanish III, IV

Mr. Perrine

11th & 12th Grade Science, 10th Economics

Mr. Sherman

Latin I, II, and III

Mr. Smith

6th/11th/2th Grade Studio Art Master Teacher

Ms. Smith

6th Grade Lit/Comp and 6th Grade History

Mrs. Soto

8th Grade Math

Ms. Staring

6th Grade Science, and 6th Grade Math

Ms. Stefaniak

ESS Teacher